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What Is Insyteful™?

Insyteful is a cutting edge combination of technology and economic development data that allows your website to work as hard for your community as you do.

Our research and experience has proven that Site Selectors and decision makers look for 4 key elements on your website. We call these our Core4 —Economic development data and visuals that give decision makers the information they’re looking for —quickly, easily, and mobile friendly.

As an Economic Developer, InsytefulPRO tracker gives you the actual name and data of the company looking at your site. Not a vague IP address, but actual names, contact information, and data you can use – in real time.

Insyteful also gives you the power to choose. It works as new website design, or as modules you can add to your existing site.

Here’s a closer look at each Insyteful element.

Core 4 Elements

Why This Matters


of our clients have landed projects in the first two years.


actual jobs have been
created since 2014.


of web visitors remain anonymous.
We show you who they are.

  • Appalachian Sky
  • Galveston
  • Lawco
  • Delta
  • Lewisburg
  • Monroeville
  • Networks
  • Wayne County